Event Design Support

Events are hard!

From logistics to strategy to communications. It's a lot.

Sometimes the substance takes a back seat. And maybe that's why most events are designed in a linear way, with presentations, keynotes, the same breakouts, the same icebreakers, the same Zoom fatigue.

If you are interested in a more deeply collaborative meeting that brings out the best in participants, sharpens your objectives so you turn talking into traction, and smooths out formats so you have the confidence on the day to create a powerful and adaptive journey, you're in luck!

I can help you design board meetings, strategy sessions, retreats, change management meetings series, community events, and more.


Personally, I don't think most meetings need an external facilitator. But more events need guidance and support; and more teams need to learn how to hold space to reach their goals. That's why I offer a design support package.

In 4 sessions, I can help you:

📝 build out your agenda and your formats

🚧 work out what goes where and when

🔮 anticipate and plan for people dynamics and flow

🔥 feel confident on the day

At the end of our work together, you'll be on track to deliver a great experience and get things done. The design support package is $2,500.

There are two options below: book it now, or schedule a chat with me to see if it's a fit.

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