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An email primer

Get clear on why facilitation matters so much in remote technology organisations, what facilitation is, and start to decipher why some meetings are a hit and others a miss. Don't guess your way into improvements, or second guess your current approaches. Get 6 emails over 6 days to develop your facilitation.


Got 7 minutes? Spend it with me.

Good facilitation means a carefully developed approach to support individual flow and team collaboration. With a little investment of time, you can develop a key skill that can reshape your collaboration.


🎯 Connect the dots

Is your calendar stacked, but it feels like you can't turn talking into traction? Do you worry that there is a lot left unsaid in your meetings? Do you find yourself relitigating issues? Or feeling clear when a meeting closes, only to have that fade as everyone interprets it differently? Weak facilitation is probably the culprit.

🔧 Tune up your process

Get the sweats 5 minutes before a meeting starts? Aren't quite sure whether that meeting was worth it? Juggling notes, conversations, documents, and video conferencing? Struggling to focus on the actual conversation because you're lost in the execution? Get some quick suggestions to tighten up the ship and save yourself time and energy.

🧐 Audit your calendar

Calendars seem to just happen. And we get buried under the weight of event invites and conversations. The good news is that we can un-happen them. I'll walk you through your calendar so you spot problems and get a start on changes that will improve your flow and win back time.

⭐ What do people have to say about the course?

  • Helps you think differently about meetings and reassess their purpose to take back control of your calendar.
  • It's a great level because you get out as much as you put in and can engage at any time. For me, I read through the emails first with little impact, then returned after a bit of a meeting shocker and am actively putting some of the tips into practice which has already paid dividends in terms of quality of facilitation in difficult meetings.
  • Clear guidance about what matters in facilitation from an expert.
  • A nicely paced way to update/refresh your skills without taking time out.
  • Do it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Great way to get a quick overview of the various components of facilitation and to raise awareness about what you are doing now!
  • Great bites of info, with clear things you can do right now but also deeper thoughts on how to facilitate.

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