About me

My goal is to build the facilitation muscle for organisations that care about the quality of work and the needs of their teams.

I want to help teams get off the meeting treadmill, convene with purpose, and do complex things with care.





Why do I care?

I love working in remote and collaborative teams. To me it is a freeing and clarifying way to work. It requires transparency, goal orientation, ritual, and clear communication. Meaningful collaboration in remote teams can create flexible, people-centred, and impactful work places. But without care and attention that’s not what happens most of the time.


Why is so much remote work a slog?

Building a good remote work culture takes a special kind of leadership and system-building. As teams diversify and settle into remote and hybrid structures, there is a missing ingredient: facilitation. Sometimes you need an expert facilitator to hold space. But what about the rest of the time? Facilitation capability isn’t a nice-to have — it is a core competency of any effective organisation. I want to help you and your team build the muscle to convene with competence and care.


Helping you move forward 👉

🎬 Need support for events, team conversations, or organisational change? I can help you design and pull off dynamic events that help move your relationships and work forward.

💪 Want to improve your meeting culture?

We can design retreat sessions, trainings, and accompaniment to help you get to the bottom of things and make big strides to better remote collaboration.

🧐 Know you want to get better at facilitation but don’t know where to start?

Sign up below and we’ll get going.


🌈 A little more about me

I live with my partner and toddler in Athens, Greece spending time on the water, next to the water, and under the water. I also spend time nerding out about sociotechnical issues and staring into the middle distance thinking about the role that technology plays in social progress and political systems.

You can sign up for The Relay for monthly noodles on topics I’m thinking about.

What people say about working with me ✨
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💌 Want to dig deeper?

Sign up to get ideas and techniques to improve your skills and help you see remote collaboration in new ways. I offer subscribers office hours, exercises, and I share what I’m learning as I facilitate events and really hard conversations.



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